Over the past few months, Ukrainian reality has demonstrated that a symmetrical war is still possible. In light of these changes in the European geopolitical environment, it is worthwhile to hold an open, public discussion in order to share ideas and information on questions relating to the need of fire activation, and ways to implement it effectively in a manner that is consistent with the needs of the current battlefield.

Given the importance of this subject, the Israel Artillery Association and IsraelDefense have joined forces with the IDF Artillery Corps in order to execute the FireTech 1982-2022 conference, which will discuss fire activation changes on the timeline that spans all the way from the First Lebanon War until the present, and its importance to the results of the war.

The main themes of FireTech 1982-2022 are:

  • Implementing lessons learned from the First Lebanon War in the present day.
  • Challenges in the field and combat leadership.
  • Examining the development of combat techniques and fire activation during Israel’s previous wars in light of technological advancements.
  • Fire activation in future wars.